Dinosaurs Journey to High Self Esteem

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“Dinosaur's Journey to High Self-Esteem”. - (350089). Ages 5-12 with 2-4 Players.
Turn Low Self-Esteem into Positive Self-Image!
Low self-esteem can be a significant factor in a host of childhood problems including depression, underachievement, and behavioural difficulties.

Although self-esteem is often equated with self-love, this game treats it as a much more complex phenomenon.
The Dinosaur's Journey takes children through:
• The Cave of Acceptance - which asks questions which help children explore their feelings, strengths and weaknesses.
• The Valley of Values - where children are asked questions which emphasize such values as being kind, caring and helping others.
• The Land of Courage - where children learn to be assertive and stick up for themselves and others.

Ages 5-12 with 2-4 Players