My Feelings - Board Game - Ages 4 and Up Exciting NEW BOARD GAME - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

PTG083 R 650.00

“My Feelings Game” – PTG 082 – Ages 4 years and up


My Feelings is a fun and interactive tool that can be used with children to encourage recognition of and connection to emotions.

What is unique about this game, is that while children are learning about various emotions, they are also learning about self-regulation.

It is endorsed by world renowned psychologists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and educators.

My Feelings game is a fun way for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities and emotional needs, to explore their own emotions and acquire a range of constructive ways of expressing feelings. It is appealing to children in terms of the quality of graphics, as well as the structure, activities and pace.

My Feelings game features seven basic feelings that players will first identify, then explore by moving along the game board, drawing cards, answering questions and taking silly breaks.

As they play, they will discover how to recognize feelings in themselves and in others, and to cope with them in socially appropriate ways.

Be the first player to reach the end of the game path by recognizing, exploring and acting out emotions. Help children explore a world of Feelings, what scares your child, what makes him or her feel happy, frustrated or sad?

The purpose of the game is not to win, but to learn, explore and disclose, share and think.
• 280 scenarios to help children explore and talk about their emotions.
• 260 regulation strategies to help children manage their feelings in socially appropriate ways.
• 24 movement cards to keep children engaged.
• Illustrated booklet that introduces seven different children with seven different feelings. During a game, they’ll appear along the path to help children to explore their feelings.

The game can give therapists, teachers and parents a greater insight into the child’s world of emotions and get conversations started to develop social skills.

Game includes:
• Gameboard,
• 4 character pawns,
• 4 blank pawns for personalization,
• 140 Blue "What makes me feel...?" cards,
• 133 Red "How do I deal?" cards,
• 24 Silly Time cards,
• Spinner,
• All About Feelings booklet and Game Guide.

Ages 4 years and up.