Helping, Sharing and Caring Card Game

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“Helping, Sharing, and Caring Card Game, The.” - (349720). Ages: 4-11 (Grades 1-8) with 2-4 Players
This card game is designed to teach children the importance of helping, sharing, and caring in a fun way.

As they play, children learn to match the solution to the given problem. Example: a child sneezes; another child hands him a tissue. When a match is made, the player must tell why that particular behavior is important. The game is cooperative; all players win by helping each other solve the problems.

When all of the problems have been solved, everyone wins! There are two levels of play for younger and older children. 2-4 players.

• 24 Problem Cards
• 24 Solution Cards
• Instructions

Ages: 4-11 (Grades 1-8) with 2-4 Players