Impulse Control Game - The

W-660 R 975.00

“Impulse Control Game - The”. - (W-660). Ages 7-13 (Grades 2-7) 2-6 players
The IMPULSE Control Game is a fun therapeutic and educational board game designed to help young people with ADD, ADHD, and other conditions involving impulse control problems. It teaches seven specific skills that have been proven in the research literature to help impulsive children control their impulses, make good decisions, and avoid actions that are detrimental to themselves and others.

The skills learned in the game are:
Accepting delayed gratification Reading social cues
The benefits of impulse control Improving problem solving skills
Developing positive self talk The consequences of impulsive actions Improving the ability to stop behaviour

In the game, players drive their cars, making their way through a maze of roads. At each intersection they have to make a decision regarding the best path. Some paths are shorter, but contain various hazards that are represented by road signs. In order to do well in the game, players are forced to delay decisions until the facts and consequences have been considered and to plan ahead. Players have a great time as they learn these impulse control skills and use them to plan and find the best route to their destination.

The game includes a booklet with suggested one-on-one coaching activities, complete lesson plans, a list of activities to give to parents that will help them reinforce skills learned in the game, and references to the studies that demonstrate the efficacy of the skills in the game.

Ages 7-13 (Grades 2-7) 2-6 players (more with team play) Playing time: 30 minutes)