Mad Dragon - An Anger Control Card Game

PTG037 R 425.00

“Mad Dragon: An Anger Control Card Game” (PTG 037). Ages 6 to 12 with 2 to 8 players
This fast-paced therapeutic card game helps children:
Control their anger in the moment
Practice 12 effective anger management techniques
Understand what anger feels and looks like
Avoid anger-provoking situations
Express and understand their feelings
Identify anger cues
Learn that they have choices about how to express anger

Mad Dragon plays like the popular game Uno.
Players race to get rid of their cards while learning anger control skills.
This fun and easy-to-play game includes 100 high-quality cards (4½" x 3") and an instruction and tips for taming anger booklet.

Ages 6 to 12 with 2 to 8 players