Self-Concept Game, The.

W-409 R 975.00

“Self-Concept Game, The” – (W-409) - Ages 8 and up with 1 or more.

The Self-Concept Game by Berthold Berg, Ph.D is an excellent tool to improve self-esteem.

This appealing board game is a great way to engage - and treat - children who are too old for puppets and toys, but too young to express themselves readily in therapy.

It improves self-esteem by giving children a clearer, more realistic picture of themselves in five areas:
• Scholastic Competence
• Social Acceptance
• Physical Appearance
• Athletic Competence and
• Behavioral Competence.

It helps them discover their strengths and teaches them strategies for maintaining and enhancing self-esteem.

To focus discussion, you can choose appropriate game cards based on the child's responses to the Self-Concept Inventory and the Cognitive Orientation Inventory, both included in the game manual. Generally played by a therapist and one or more children, the game can also be used by parents or used in the classroom.

Ages 8 and up with 1 or more.