Talking, Feeling, Doing - Divorce Card Game. - The

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“Talking Feeling Divorce Card Game Set, The ”. - (2248). Ages: 6-12 With 2-4 Players

Description: The set focuses on specific common childhood issues of DIVORCE - while helping children explore their feelings and develop new ways to think about themselves and their problems.

This set of cards thoroughly addresses the topic of DIVORCE and can be played with The Talking, Feeling, & Doing Game or as a stand-alone game.

In much the same way as the game, the cards prompt children to reveal the issues uppermost in their minds.
Each player rolls the die and answers questions from the "Talking," "Feeling," or "Doing" cards. Roll a 1 on the die and take a "Talking" card. Roll a 2 and take a "Feeling" card. Roll a 3 and respond to the prompt on a "Doing" card. If the player answers correctly, he or she gets two chips.

The game continues until each player has responded to five cards, or 30 minutes has elapsed.

Included in each game are
• 33 Talking,
• 33 Feeling, and
• 33 Doing cards;
• a one four-sided die; and
• 100 chips.

Ages: 6-12 (Grades 1–6) With 2-4 Players.