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Nobody Asked Me


Ages: 8 to 15.With up to 4 players or teams.

With up to half of all children likely to experience parental divorce or separation, for a child, this experience can be confusing, tumultuous, and depressing. Nobody Asked Me! provides an avenue for young people to express and learn to cope with the feelings of confusion, depression and anxiety they are likely to feel.

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As players move around the game board, they are asked questions regarding their feelings toward their parents and how their lives have changed following divorce. The game cards address hypothetical situations, including moving to a new neighbourhood, financial hardship, parental dating and remarriage. By considering these issues children become better prepared for situations they may encounter in the future.

The cards ask questions such as:

You wish you could spend time alone with your Mum, but when you visit, her boyfriend is always there. What do you do?

  • Tell her boyfriend to get lost.
  • Don’t do anything about it, at least you get to spend time with your Mum, even though there’s a crowd.
  • Talk to your Mum about how you feel.
  • Tell your Dad that you don’t get to spend any time alone with your Mum.
  • None of the above. I would ________.

Nobody Asked Me! gives young people a voice by asking how they feel about a situation they had no say in, that greatly affects their lives.

Ages: 8 to 15.With up to 4 players or teams.