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Out of Your Mind


Ages: Grades 1 – Adult. For 2 to players or teams.

This non-competitive game by Rhea Zakich and Nadine Lovell encourages players to think, converse, and use their imaginations as they learn important social skills.

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Developed by the author of the popular Ungame, Out of Your Mind fosters empathy and teaches communication, listening, and decision-making skills.

The game consists of four unique card decks and a Feel Wheel—a conversation-starting spinner featuring 24 emotions.

Each card deck presents activities that engage the imagination and inspire creativity:

  • Imagine That – Through guided imagery, these cards encourage players to visualize themselves dealing with novel situations.
  • Picture This – Endorsing the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, these cards feature 4 or 5 drawings that help players express themselves.
  • Voice a Choice – Multiple-choice questions invite players to share things about themselves.
  • Remember When – These cards ask players to recall a memory.

One of the greatest challenges in helping children is discovering what’s really going on in their minds-their thoughts, feelings, fears, and desires. Out of Your Mind helps children break out of their shells and into a world of effective communication.

Ages: Grades 1 – Adult. For 2 to players or teams.