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Sometimes I Worry Too Much But Now I Know How to Stop


Ages: 5-10

This book by Dr Dawn Huebner is an excellent resource for children who are anxious, or worry too much.


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Full Description
  • Written by a clinical psychologist
  • Practical guidelines and suggestions that are easy to implement
  • Provide children with tools to cope with their anxiety

A surprising number of children worry too much, often for reasons that may seem completely illogical to others.

This sensitively written book helps children cope with their predisposition toward excessive worry, and will help prevent more serious anxiety disorders.

The book tells the story of Anna, whose father calls her the “What If Kid” because she worries about everything, big or small.

Fortunately, Anna is helped by a psychologist who teaches her simple and fun techniques.

By the end of the book, Anna still worries sometimes – but now she knows just what to do.