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Stress Management Game


Ages: 8+ for 2 players

Game cards feature Angus the anxious terrier struggling to manage stress as his good friend Serena helps him refrain from extremism, catastrophizing, dichotomizing, overgeneralizing, and personalizing situations.

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Full Description

Join Angus the anxious terrier and Serena the cat in this delightful board game by Berthold Berg, Ph.D. as they deal with 15 common social stressors grouped into three categories:

  • Peers (dealing with being left out, handling group pressure, responding to teasing, saying no, and showing sportsmanship)
  • Authority (accepting consequences, accepting denials, being honest, managing accusations, and making complaints)
  • School (attending, completing homework, meeting expectations, performing in class, and taking tests)

The four different card categories keep the game interesting as players engage in role play, learn proven stress management tips, challenge cognitive errors, and learn to identify the triggers and symptoms of stress.

Accompanying inventories help you identify the child’s most troubling stressors.

Ages: 8+